Welcome to World War 1 Documentaries, where we will reveal some of the lesser known histories of the First World War.

World War 1 or the Great War as it came to be known, lasted officially for 4 years and 1 week, from August 4 1914, to November 11 1918 but for hundreds of thousands of men and women it lasted a lifetime, for the sick and wounded who never recovered and for the families of the men and women who never came home.

The documentaries currently available from this site reveal some of the stories of that terrible war and its' aftermath and introduce you to some fascinating characters who fought in it. In 'Miners at War' we look at the causes of the 1914 -18 war which historians are still arguing over, the techniques of warfare employed since the Crusades, new techniques and new weaponry which brought appalling new wounds and sickness to men fighting on the Western Front. For a more indepth look at aggressive mining, visit our 'Dig Deeper' page.

'Rolls of Honour' is of particular interest to anyone with any Scots ancestry in their family as it is the story of the Scottish National War Memorial in Edinburgh Castle. People are still adding their family members to the Rolls as they discover what they did in the Great War. The Quintinshill Disaster is also included in this documentary. This railway disaster involving the Royal Scots en route for Liverpool and Gallipoli in 1915 remains the greatest lost of life in a railway accident in the UK to this day. Visit our 'Across the Firth' for more on the Memorial.

'Diggers' reveals the role of Australia in the First World War, from its Prime Minister Andrew Fisher's declaration of support - 'to the last man and the last shilling', through their first action in New Guinea and Samoa. Follow in the foosteps of the AIF to the tragedy of Gallipoli and then to the Western Front, where they lost over 5000 men in the the first night of action at the Battle of Fromelles in 1916. Visit our 'Down Under' page to reveal the role of Australian miners on the Western Front, the Co-eee recruitment marches and their finest hour.

Follow the United Mineworkers Federation of Australia Pipe Band as they go from 'Pitlochry to Paris, Weston to the Western Front' in 2001. Join them at the Highland Gathering in Pitlochry and at the Durham Miners Gala where their banner is blessed in the magnificent surroundings of the ancient mediaeval Cathedral above the banks of the River Wear. Stand beside them in the moving ceremonies of Remembrance in cemeteries across the Western Front and join them at the Last Post Ceremony in Ypres and at the Memorial to the Missing at Thiepval on the Somme.

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