'Miners at War' is an acclaimed 90 minute documentary which reveals at one of the lesser known operations of the First World War, aggressive mining.

Undermining the enemy had been a recognised tactic of war since the Crusades and it was put forward and rejected at the start of WW1, after all, 'It will all be over by Christmas', so there was little point in starting lengthy mining operations.

But it was not all over by Christmas and the Germans exploded the first major landmine of the war on December 20 1914 at Festubert, a few miles south of the French - Belgian border, killing a number of Indian soldiers.

Immediately the British Army started mining operations but soon found that they lacked both the expertise and the manpower to succeed and miners were brought in from across the British Empire for this dangerous work.

Discover their incredible story, their lives and deaths on the Western Front, their laughter and their tears.

Also revealed  are

  • The start of WW1 - the causes and events
  • Why the miners came
  • Major Battles of WW1 - Ypres, Hill 60, Hooge Chateau, the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Arras,Messines, Passchendaele, the Final Push 1918
  • Gas above and below ground
  • A Mines Rescue Service
  • PALS Battalions
  • BANTAM Battalions
  • Monuments - the Menin Gate, Thiepval, Delville Wood, Beaumont Hamel, Vimy Ridge, Pozieres, Longueval, Helen's Tower
  • The Armistice

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