The Rolls of Honour list the names of men from Scottish Regiments or of Scots descent who have died as a result of war since 1914.

The original Rolls of Honour, listing the names of almost 150,000 men who died in World War 1 are contained in a beautiful steel casket in the Shrine of the Scottish National War Memorial in Edinburgh Castle. 

The appalling loss of life in the First World War inspired John George, 8th Duke of Atoll, known as 'Bardie', a soldier himself, to suggest a memorial in 1917. However it was not until after the war that the project really started.

The design was the first problem, there were too many names for a brass plaque. Sir Edwin Lutyens had designed the Cenotaph as a national memorial but the Scots wanted their own remembrance in Scotland but where to put it?

Eventually it was decided to convert a disused barracks at the top of Edinburgh Castle as all the regiments who had fought and died in the Great War had served there at some time. In 1923 the architect Sir Robert Lorimer was engaged to design the interior and the Memorial was opened by the King in 1927.

The World War 1 Rolls of Honour are still being added to as history continues to unfold.

Come and tour the inside of the Memorial in the company of                 Lt.-Col. Ian Shepherd, see the beautiful stained glass windows and bronze plqques and visit the Shrine.

The tour also includes memorials to

  • Canadian Scottish Regiments
  • New Zealand Scottish Regiments
  • South African Scottish regiments
  • Liverpool Scottish Regiments
  • London Scottish Regiments
  • Tyneside Scottish Regiments
  • Princes Street Gardens Memorias
  • Quintinshill Memorial & railway disaster

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