Diggers was the term used by many to describe Australian soldiers in World War1.

Australia joined the war right at the start in 1914 when the then Prime Minister, Andrew Fisher (1862-1928), pledged support for Great Britain and her Allies 'To the last man and the last shilling.'

Australia's war started on August 19,1914 in New Guinea and Samoa where they captured German Colonies, taking Rabaul, the capital of Germany's interests in the southwest Pacific on September 12, 1914.

in 1915, they entered probably their best known action at Gallipoli, where General William Birdwood encouraged them to 'Dig, dig,dig' into the cliffs to survive.  

Australian soldiers were sent to the Western Front in 1916. Among them were the Australian Mining Battalions which had been set up by Prof. T W Edgeworth David, professor of geology at Sydney University who accompanied them to Europe.

'Diggers' is the story of the men from the mining communities across Australia who joined the Mining Battalions and the AIF during World War 1.

Also revealed in this documentary

  • Australia & New Zealand join the war
  • New Guinea & Samoa
  • Gallipoli
  • Prof TW Edgeworth David & the Mining Battalions
  • Mining in Australia in 1914
  • Recruitment & the Coo-eee Marches
  • Anzacs on the Western Front

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